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Welcome to my website the home of Purranza Australian Mist  Cats and Kittens

I have bred Burmese cats since 1997 and have more recently become involved in the Australian Mist breed here in the UK.  Purranza is a GCCF registered prefix, I am a member of the Burmese Cat Club, The Australian Mist Cat Association  and the Australian Mist Cat Society all my kittens are raised in accordance with their rules and regulations.

My kittens are all raised in the home so are completely socialised and are bundles of mischievous fun, they are a minimum of 13 weeks old before they leave home and are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and have 4 weeks insurance with Petplan.  I only allow my kittens to go to indoor homes, or where suitable measures have been taken to cat-proof a garden or a run built.  All my kittens are registered on the GCCF non active register and are neutered prior to leaving home, they come with their registration document and a 4 generation pedigree.  For further information on early neutering please visit the GCCF website.  I am also a member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme Breeder Number 00193.

When looking for a pedigree kitten always ensure that the kitten is GCCF registered if kittens are unregistered they cannot be considered pedigree.  The GCCF website has lots of information on what to expect from a breeder. You should never buy a sick kitten it should be gleaming with health and pedigree kittens that come with their registration certificates will have had their primary course of vaccinations and been health checked by a vet.  Ask to see the registration documents.  Satisfy yourself that the kittens are well socialised and have not been raised outside or without human contact.  Ensure that the breeders premises are clean and hygiene is to a good standard and that this kitten is healthy.  If you do not feel comfortable and happy DO NOT buy a kitten and do not be talked into having one or feel sorry for the kitten! 

Please be aware there are lots of scams out there on the internet the most current one is advertising kittens at half the normal price of a pedigree, when contacted they make the excuse that the animal is somewhere else in the country and it will have to be transported to you.  They request the money for the courier to be paid along with the cost of the kitten.  This of course is not normal and you should never part with any money unless you have visited the animal in its own home and satisfied yourself that the breeder is bona fide and the animal is healthy.  DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT

I am based on the Suffolk/Essex borders approximately 40 minutes from Junction 8 on the M11 so I am within easy striking distance of London.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have


Tel:  01787 278912





For more information on the Australian Mist Cat which is now a recognised breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy





Is looking for a new home she is a Brown Marble and is spayed and up to date with her vaccinations.  She is not happy living in a multi cat household so would like to be an only cat, she is very affectionate and loves human company.  If you feel you could offer her a lovely new home please contact Mrs Jass Nice on 01787 211023 email: catplay.stations@btinternet.com







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