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Australian Mists were developed from Burmese, Abyssinians and the Domestic tabby cat, the Burmese donating the largest proportion of genetic material, their character and temperament is very similar to that of a Burmese. However their coat colours and patterns are different, they come in two coat patterns spotted and marbled tabby (classic tabby) and seven colours Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac then Gold (which is cinnamon), Peach (which is fawn) and Caramel. Their type is moderate in every way nothing at all extreme about them. It is the Burmese gene that is responsible for the beautiful colouring of the Australian Mist, the misted effect is caused by the agouti invasion of the overlying darker pattern. Their temperament is fabulous they are loving - ' in your face', intelligent and amazing companions.
  AUSTRALIAN MISTS & THE GCCF Australian Mists now have Championship Status with the GCCF which means that they can enter shows and gain titles
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Australian Mists