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GRAND CHAMPION GOSSAMYST YANI QLANCY - 'HARLEY' - AUM n 24 Harley was bred by Patricia Bristow and is a brown spotted Australian Mist. He is GCCF registered has been DNA tested for PK Deficiency and has a normal status. His DNA test results show he is Short- haired, is full agouti, he carries chocolate but not dilute.
‘Purranza Zepherine’ - ‘Monty’ - AUM n 22 Monty our new home bred baby boy,  is a 3rd Generation outcross this new line was created from a Domestic Shorthair an approved GCCF outcross this is to bring in much needed genetic diversity into the Australian Mist breed.  All offspring from Monty will be registered as full Australian Mists.  As you can see he is a beautiful brown marbled boy that conforms to the Australian Mist Type.  He will be at limited stud.  Monty is clear of PK Deficiency and is Short-haired and full Agouti How the outcross was developed Our outcross was started back in 2013 from ‘Tabitha’ a sweet natured brown spotted tabby Domestic Shorthair she was mated to Gossamyst Teao Celeborn (Sunni) and together they produced 3 offspring and we kept a brown marbled girl Purranza Jitterbug (Hollie) who is a 1st generation Australian Mist outcross.   Hollie was mated to Harley (Grand Champion Gossamyst Yani Qlancy) and also produced 3 kittens one of which was Purranza Cuddlebug (Hattie) a brown marbled 2nd Generation Australian Mist, Hattie conformed to the Australian Mist Phenotype.  Hattie was mated to Fraser (Lesjarokee Fraser River) and had 6 wonderful babies at the end of May 2017 these kittens are 3rd Generation Australian Mists What has been important all along was to ensure that we kept the fabulous Australian Mist temperament as well as improving the type with each successive generation.  The benefits of outcrossing using a Domestic Shorthair are to widen the Australian Mist gene-pool by bringing in a good dose of random bred genes.                         TABITHA          DSH          The             Beginning
3RD GENERATION  PURRANZA ZEPHERINE ‘MONTY’ Age 5 months Developing into a very nice type boy
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